The International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM) was founded to promote advances in computational mechanics. For the purposes of the Association, the subject of computational mechanics was defined as the development and application of numerical methods and digital computers to the solution of problems posed by engineering and applied science with the objectives of understanding and harnessing the resources of nature. IACM was formally established and the General and Executive Councils were confirmed. The Constitution gives equal emphasis to the three geographical regions of Europe-Middle East-Africa, the Americas, and Asia-Australia. The European and American Regions established their Associations earlier. In order to be in line with them, the Asian Pacific Region founded in the end of 1999, APACM.


During the early years of IACM since its inception in 1980s, there were only 3 National associations in Asian Pacific Region: China, Japan and Australia. In 1999, at the initiative of S. Valliappan with the support and co-operation of W. X. Zhong and T. Kawai, the APACM was founded at the end of 1999. In line with IACM, it was decided to have two councils: Executive Council and General Council. The current members of the two councils are as follows.

Executive Council

Chuin-Shan (David) Chen (Taiwan), Fangsen Cui (Singapore), Xu Han (China), Kazuo Kashiyama (Japan), Nasser Khalili (Australia), Cheol Kim (Korea), Yoon Young Kim (Korea), C. W. Lim (Hong Kong), Gui Rong Liu (Singapore), Hiroshi Okada, Secretary General (Japan), Somasundaram Valliappan (Australia), Genki Yagawa (Japan), Yeong-Bin Yang (Taiwan), Shinobu Yoshimura (Japan), Sung-Kie Youn (Korea), Yao Zheng, President (China)

General Council (in addition to the executive council members)

Ahmad Kamal Ariffin (Malaysia), Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya (India), Soo-Won Chae (Korea), Shu-Wei Chang (Taiwan), Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai (Thailand), Seiichi Koshizuka (Japan), Gang Li (China), Hongying Li (Singapore), Qing Li (Australia), Chao-An Lin (Taiwan), Jane Wei-Zhen Lu (Hong Kong), Sanjay Mittal (India), Sang Joon Shin (Korea), Ryuji Shioya (Japan), Chongmin Song (Australia), Kenjiro Terada (Japan), Hung Nguyen Xuan (Vietnam), Ng Teng Yong (Singapore), Qing Zhang (China), Zhuo Zhuang (China)

In 1999 there were 3 national associations: Australia, China and Japan. At present (2022) there are 13 National Associations: China, Japan (2), Korea (2), Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam.


The purpose of APACM is to promote the activities related to computational mechanics in the Asian Pacific region and to represent the region's interests in the International Association. It was agreed that one of the ways by which the computational mechanics activities can be promoted in the region is to organize the Asian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (APCOM) in different countries of the region at an interval of three years. The first APCOM Congress was held in Sydney, Australia in 2001. The second Congress was held in Beijing, China in 2004 in conjunction with 6th WCCM. The third was held in Kyoto, Japan in 2007. The fourth was held in Sydney, Australia in 2010 in conjunction with 9th WCCM. The fifth was held in Singapore in 2013. The sixth was held in Seoul, Korea in conjunction with 12th WCCM. The seventh was held in Taipei, Taiwan in 2019. The eighth was held in Yokohama, Japan in 2022 in conjunction with 15th WCCM. The ninth will be held in Brisbane, Australia in 2025.


The Constitution defines the organization structure of the APACM, i.e. the General Council (GC), the Executive Council (EC), the President and the General Secretary. All National and Regional Associations in Asia-Australia region are represented in GC. Members of GC are nominated by the affiliated associations, and are approved by the current EC. Presidents of the National and Regional Associations affiliated to APACM are co-opted members of GC during their term of duty. The EC consists of (a) EC members nominated from among GC members and elected by the current EC, and (b) the current President and the current Secretary General, and (c) the past Presidents and the past Secretary Generals before 2012. The President and the Secretary General are elected by EC from among the elected members of EC, and approved by GC.

Executive Council
Chuin-Shan (David) ChenTaiwan
​Fangsen CuiSingapore
Xu HanChina
Kazuo KashiyamaJapan
Nasser KhaliliAustralia
Cheol KimKorea
Yoon Young KimKorea
C. W. LimHong Kong
Gui Rong LiuSingapore
Hiroshi Okada, Secretary GeneralJapan
Somasundaram ValliappanAustralia
Genki YagawaJapan
Yeong-Bin YangTaiwan
Shinobu YoshimuraJapan
Sung-Kie YounKorea
Yao Zheng, President​China
Honorary Members
Y. K. CheungHong Kong
C. K. ChoiKorea
Mutsuto KawaharaJapan
Tadahiko KawaiJapan
Noriyuki MiyazakiJapan
Somasundaram ValliappanAustralia
Takashi YabeJapan
W. X. ZhongChina
General Council (in addition to the above Executive Council and Honorary Members)
Ahmad Kamal Ariffin​Malaysia​
Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya​India​
Soo-Won Chae​Korea​
Shu-Wei Chang​Taiwan​
Worsak Kanok-NukulchaiThailand
Seiichi KoshizukaJapan​
Gang LiChina
Hongying LiSingapore
Qing LiAustralia
Chao-An LinTaiwan
Jane Wei-Zhen LuHong Kong
Sanjay MittalIndia
Sang Joon ShinKorea
Ryuji ShioyaJapan
Chongmin SongAustralia
Kenjiro TeradaJapan
Hung Nguyen XuanVietnam
Ng Teng YongSingapore
Qing Zhang​China​
Zhuo Zhuang​China
Member Associations
Chinese Association of Computational Mechanics (CACM)
President: Zhuo Zhuang
​Email: zhuangz at mail dot tsinghua dot edu dot cn
The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science (JSCES)
President: Daigoro Isobe
Email: office at jsces dot org
Japan Association for Computational Mechanics (JACM)
President: Hiroshi Okada
E​mail: jim at ja-cm dot org
Australian Association for Computational Mechanics (AACM)
President: Nasser Khalili
Email: accm2013 at gmail dot com
Thailand Society for Computational Mechanics (TSCM)
President: Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai
Email: worsak at ait dot ac dot th
Association for Computational Mechanics (Singapore) (SACM)
President: Fangsen Cui
E​mail: cuifs at ihpc dot a-star dot edu dot sg
Indian Association for Computational Mechanics (IndACM)
President: Tarun Kant
E​mail: tkant at iitb dot ac dot in
Hong Kong Association of Computational Mechanics (HKACM)
President: C. W. Lim
E​mail: bccwlim at cityu dot edu dot hk
Hong Kong
Korean Association on Computational Mechanics (KACM)
President: Hyo-Gyoung Kwak
E​mail: khg at kaist dot ac dot kr
Korean Society of Computational Mechanics (KSCM)
President: Yoon Young Kim
E​mail: yykim at snu dot ac dot kr
The Association of Computational Mechanics Taiwan (ACMT)
President: Chuin-Shan (David) Chen
E​mail: dchen at ntu dot edu dot tw
Malaysian Association for Computational Mechanics (MACM)
President: Mohd Nasir Tamin
E​mail: nasirtamin at utm dot my
Vietnam Association of Computational Mechanics (VACOM)
President: Nguyen Xuan Hung
E​mail: h.nguyenxuan at gmail dot com
Hiroshi Okada, Secretary General
Mitsuteru Asai, Secretary
Ryuji Shioya, Secretary
Yoshitaka Wada​, Secretary
Yasunori Yusa, Secretary